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Best Painting Kit in 2023

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If you are trying to motivate a painter with their skills, what better way is there to give them the best painting kit? These painting kits will work very well as an inspiration for painters.

Not only this, but these kits will also be suitable for any beginner who thrives on making a career as an artist. This article covers 4 of the best painting kits you will ever find in the market. All the kits mentioned here are robust, filled with all kinds of painting supplies, and, most importantly, come with numerous color combinations.

Therefore, you can rest assured that our rankings are top-notch, and you will have no difficulties choosing the most suitable one. Our review also contains a practical buying guide for further simplicity.

Best Painting Kit- Key Comparison

ProductTotal ItemsExclusive FeatureTypes of Paint
Senmink 149 Pieces Deluxe Artist Painting Set149 piecesBest for artists of all agesAcrylic, watercolor, oil
U.S. Art Supply Sip and Paint Art Party Painting Kit42 piecesBest for acrylic paintersAcrylic
MEEDEN All-Tech Painting Set151 piecesBest for affordable budget painting kitAcrylic, watercolor, oil
MEEDEN 155 Pcs Deluxe Artist Painting Set155 piecesBest painting kit for beginnersAcrylic, watercolor, oil

Top 4 Best Painting Kits for Artists to Consider

While considering a suitable painting kit, everyone must consider the number of supplies each set is equipped with. One thing can be sure; our chosen drawing and art supplies come with an elegant collection of numerous types of paints- acrylic, watercolor, oil paint, and many more.

That said, let’s jump into the review section of this article.

1. Senmink 149 Pieces Deluxe Artist Painting Set – Best for Artists of All Ages


Total pieces of kit: 149 pieces

Types of colors: Acrylic, Watercolor, Oil

Package weight: 19.56 pounds

For starters, we have the bulky painting kit collection manufactured by Senmink. According to the manufacturer’s point of view, this set of paintings is suitable for painters of all ages.

With their numerous collections of paintings, they are taking on the painting world by storm. Let us have a look at other features it has to offer.

149 Pieces of Painting Kit

The first and most attractive thing about the Senmink painting kit is that it comes with a massive collection of 149 pieces of painting kit. When you open up the package, you will find two sets of painting stands- one is an Aluminium tripod, and the other is a wooden tripod.

Furthermore, when it comes to the collection of colors, Senmink includes three types of paintings for the painters to shine their creativity- acrylic, watercolor, and oil painting.

Other than that, it contains three sets of paintbrushes, three drawing pads, and two canvases to make some standalone paintings. The canvas lengths are variable (one is 11 x 14 inches, and the other is 8 x 10 inches).

What else do you need to start painting according to your imagination? The package includes five palette knives, two paint palettes, one paintbrush basin, and one-color wheel for colour mixing and organising your paint kits.

Robust Quality of Colors

Each color set in this kit is made from the highest grading materials, which makes each painting long-lasting in terms of quality. Moreover, one can handle the painting going bad as these colors are robust enough to serve for a long time

Efficient Painting with Less Time Consumption

Professional painters use varieties of paint to create the structure of their canvas. Hence, gathering all these types of paint will consume a lot of time, which will delay the project work.

With the Senmink painting kit, you will get all these variations of paint all at once, saving you a considerable amount of time. Furthermore, bringing all types of paint in one package is also considered to be more cost-effective than purchasing each set individually.

Perfect Gift for All Ages

As we mentioned earlier, this painting set is perfect for people of all ages who try to set their painting imagination level to the maximum level.

When you wish to gift this set to a beginner-level artist, they can grow their experience in acrylic, watercolor, and oil painting individually and then make different combinations of paintings.


  • 149 pieces of a vast color collection.
  • It comes with three types of painting- acrylic, watercolor, and oil-based painting.
  • The price for this painting set is affordable for any person.
  • It is a robust color set that ensures longevity.
  • It is suitable for artists of all ages.
  • It offers 100% lifetime satisfaction.


The brushes that come with the package are stiff, making the painting even harder.

2. U.S. Art Supply Sip and Paint Art Party Painting Kit – Best for Acrylic Painters


Total pieces of kit: 42 pieces

Types of colors: acrylic paint

Package weight: 12 pounds

Many professional painters specialize in specific sets of paintings. Hence, to focus and normalize those areas, U.S. Art Supply brings you a set of acrylic painting kit that will be suitable for painters who uses acrylic color for shading.

Huge Acrylic Collection

When you look at all the items provided by U.S. Art Supply, you will observe that they supply you with 12 sets of acrylic tubes with an effective color combination that every professional artist requires.

These acrylic tubes are versatile, which means they can be applied on any surface, making the painting task for every project (unless defined by the specific type of painting) cost-effective.

Furthermore, they are also soluble in water and, most importantly, less toxic to the environment and children. Hence, you can see that using acrylic paint is straightforward.

With these 12 acrylic paints, a professional acrylic painter can quickly get their project job done for at least six months without worrying about purchasing them very frequently.

Stands For Multiple Painting

Though the acrylic paints may wear off after a certain period, other kits that U.S. Art Supply provides will serve you for a considerable amount of time depending upon your usage.

The package comes with six large Aluminium stands. These stands help in terms of a big painting project where the main painter will be needing assistance from other painters as well.

Moreover, you can set these stands outside where the painters can breathe fresh air from nature while controlling their brushes on the canvases. As we mentioned earlier, these stands are made of Aluminium; hence, they are durable and long-lasting.

Big Size Apron for The Protection

U.S. Art Supply wants you to avoid getting your clothes while you carry out some heavy-duty painting tasks. Hence, they provide an additional item- six large-sized aprons with dimensions 27 x 21 inches.

These aprons are adjustable and include a pocket for storing valuable items such as brushes, art papers, and so on. According to our research, you will only find this painting kit that provides such aprons for your clothes’ protection.

Besides, the package also includes 12 canvases which will rescue you from the thoughts of purchasing canvases for at least a month. Additionally, every artist requires a color mixer to bring out the desired color. This painting kit will also provide six plastic color mixers with a color mixing wheel for the guidelines.

Nonetheless, it also provides six sets of brushes, each containing seven different types of brushes. In addition, a buyer will get a total of 42 brushes for their painting job. As you can see, this wholesome kit is very reasonable in price compared to all the items it provides.

Hence, if you are an acrylic enthusiast, do not wait to make the order!


  • The painting kit is suitable for acrylic painting.
  • It comes with six paint stands.
  • It also provides large-sized aprons for the painter’s protection.
  • Forty two (42) pieces of brush sets.
  • The acrylic paints provided are durable and versatile with every painting surface.


The sizes of the brushes in each packet might only satisfy a few painters (only one medium and the rest small-sized).

3. MEEDEN All-Tech Painting Set – Best for Affordable Budget Painting Kit


Total pieces of kit: 151 pieces

Types of colors: acrylic, watercolor, oil painting

Package weight: 27.2 pounds

If you seek a different painting kit for adults with increased items, Meeden All-Tech Painting Set has got you covered. Like a few, they include three types of painting for beginners or adults to start with- acrylic, watercolor, and oil-based formula.

Check out all the other items this painting kit has within the package.

151 Pieces of Extra Volume Painting Kit

Until now, Meeden provides the maximum number of items within a package; in this case, it is 151 pieces of extra volume painting kit. Let us elaborate on all the things that are included.

First, Meeden provides two tripod stands- one is made of Aluminium, and the other is made of wood. In the case of the painting brush set, there are a total of three brush sets (acrylic, watercolor, and oil) for carrying out different painting operations.

Additionally, a palette is an essential tool for applying paint on the canvas and helps mix. Hence, Meeden provides three types of palettes to ease your work- disposable, plastic, and wooden.

Other tools include one canvas pad, one watercolor pad, one eraser to make the corrections of the outlined structure, eight canvases, one utility knife, and, most importantly, one drawing pencil to compute the preliminary outline.

Tripod Stands for Versatile Painting Experience

As mentioned, Meeden All-Tech Painting Kit includes two sets of tripod stands for your painting- an Aluminium stand and a wooden stand. The Aluminium stand is highly durable that makes your outdoor painting experience top-notch.

Furthermore, it is adjustable to any size, which makes it easy for people of all heights. The stand is also water-resistant, making it long-lasting in terms of bad weather conditions.

On the other hand, the wooden stand is mainly used for an indoor experience where it can also be used to hand canvas during the painting and acts as a storage system for the canvases.

Different Variants of Painting

The different variants of painting provided by Meeden are acrylic, watercolor, and oil painting. Point to be noted, Meeden provides another water-based painting known as gouache.

Are you worried about the chemical composition of each painting? Do not worry! Meeden’s lab-formulated painting makes it harmless for the skin. That is why you can choose Meeden All-Tech Painting Kit and present it as a gift to others.

When it comes to success in painting, Meeden works more like a family to help you succeed in that path. While using their paints, you will find that the painting quality is top-graded with excellent color contrast.

In the case of cost analysis, this is the only brand that will be favorable to provide such a vast collection within a reasonable budget. Therefore, what are you waiting for? Click buy it now!


  • Huge collection of 151 pieces of painting kit.
  • A durable tripod stands for versatile painting experiences.
  • The manufacturers claim to provide complete satisfaction with the painting quality.
  • The paintings are completely harmless for the artists.
  • The package cost falls within the flexible budget.


  • The package is heavy to carry around.

4. MEEDEN 155 Pcs Deluxe Artist Painting Set – Best Painting Kit for Beginners


Total pieces of kit: 155 pieces

Types of colors: acrylic, watercolor, oil

Package weight: 28.8 pounds

Meeden always seems to satisfy their followers! They included a new painting kit with increased number of items in the package. With this art set, beginners can explore the world of arts more enthusiastically. Let’s check out the features it offers.

Perfect For Beginners

This variant of the Meeden painting set includes all types of color paint, such as acrylic, watercolor, oil, etc. It helps amateur artists explore their artistic talent while experimenting with different paintings.

In the long run, this method ensures artists find their area of expertise and focus on that painting task to make a career out of it.

Durable Wooden Tripod Stand

The best part about this package is that it includes a large-sized wooden tripod stand that can hold up your canvas while you think about your painting.

This wooden stand is sturdy, adjustable to your preferred size, and easy to use. If you learn to handle your tripod stand with extreme care, it can serve you for quite a long time.

One drawback about this stand, as it is made of wood, it can hamper the texture if exposed to rain. So, one must be careful while using this wooden stand outdoors.

Huge Package With 155 Pieces of Painting Kits

The most exciting part of this 155-piece painting kit is the painting type and brush collection. Again, there are three types of painting associated with this kit- acrylic, watercolor, and oil.

All the paintings are harmless for the body, so an artist can use each painting tube without taking any safety precautions. Apart from that, there are numerous painting brushes involved in this kit.

For three types of painting, Meeden included three paint brush sets with different sizes of brush included in each packet. This inclusion helps the artist to gain a generalized idea about the different types of brushes and their uses.

Stylish Design Canvases

Most artists claim to feel comfortable while painting on canvas. Therefore, Meeden made sure that after painting, you would not have to worry about the frame because they provide some of the best stylish canvas that does not require additional framing.

Hence, they have included two 16 x 20 inches of canvas on the package and six 11 x 14 inches canvas panels ready for your practice work so that you can aim for perfection when drawing on the canvas.

One lovely thing about this particular package is that they have included black color canvas specially designed for acrylic painting to reflect the texture of the color.

A Fantastic Tool for A Gift

As this is the best painting kit for beginners, it will motivate others to purchase it as a gift for any birthday party for children. They will feel special and loved when they open the present and check out all the kits available in this package.

Most importantly, with wooden stands and numerous canvas surfaces, they will certainly feel special and will give serious thought to learning how to paint.

Meeden has always made customer satisfaction their top-most priority. Though the package is heavy and expensive, with the vast number of painting kits they provide, it is logical to spend some extra bucks.


  • Huge 155 pieces of painting kits collection.
  • It comes with a large sized wooden tripod stand.
  • It also has numerous stylish canvases that will not require additional framing.
  • It also includes black color canvas for acrylic paints.


  • This kit is expensive.

Buying Guide for The Best Painting Kit

Now that you know the best painting kit, it is time to tell about specific parameters that define the most suitable painting kit that fulfils your purpose.

Therefore, here goes our buying guide:

Types Of Paint

First, knowing the types of paint available in the painting kits will be more accurate. According to our research, there are mainly three types: acrylic, watercolor, and oil painting.

Now, when you are about to make a purchase, make sure to check the types of painting each brand is offering. For example, if an artist specializes in all three types of painting, they should purchase a painting kit that offers them.

Furthermore, many professional artists focus only on a single painting type. For them, purchasing the whole set will be regarded as a waste of money.

Brushes Quality

Most kits might astonish you with numerous items, but you should always observe the quality of the most critical thing, paintbrushes. A professional artist will look at the variety of brush sizes.

They should also look at the number of brushes each kit provides and the materials that ensure durability and longevity.


Artists need to have a wide range of color collections to account for the desired color in their canvas. Therefore, apart from the type of painting, one should also look at the number of colors each kit provides.

The best way to establish such a result is to first list all the colors you will need for your painting project and then find a suitable painting kit.

Additional Tools

Apart from the color, painting type, and brush quality, it would help to look for the additional tools each kit offers you. For example, if you are a messy painter, purchase a painting kit that provides big sized apron.

If you require more than one tripod stand for your painting, look for the painting kit that offers multiple stands for quick project work.


Lastly, an artist should also consider their price range while buying the best painting kit. First of all, you should make a list of all the painting kits that fall within your budget.

Then, choose the most affordable kit suitable for you based on your required parameter for the painting kit.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does every painting kit come with painting brushes?

Yes! Almost all painting kits come with built-in painting brushes for the artists. Still, it is always good practice to double-check the kit specification before making the purchase. Some kits may offer a smaller number of brushes, while many provide more, but the brush sizes differ from the desired task.

2. Can we consider the paint in the kits to be lightfast?

Not all brands of painting kits come with lightfast paint. The lightfast feature is known as the ability of the paint not to fade or discolor when exposed to sunlight. While purchasing a painting kit, check their lightfast rating first!

3. Can we consider the paint in the kit to be non-toxic?

While buying a painting kit, it will be wise to check whether the paint is non-toxic. The reviews we provided earlier all contain non-toxic paint, but it is always a good practice to double-check the paintings before purchasing.


When looking for the best painting kit, there are several factors an artist should consider. First, look at the type of paint that particular brand offers- acrylic, watercolor, and oil.

Secondly, check the quality of the brushes and the individual sizes. Double-check the size to see if it suits your particular project.

Third, one should consider additional tools such as palette knives, aprons, art stands, color mixing trays, etc.

Last but not least, price is also the most crucial factor; check all the required parameters inside a kit, and if it satisfies you with the price, then buy it.

Based on all these factors, we think that MEEDEN All-Tech Painting Set will be the perfect choice for someone with a kin budget. On the other hand, if anyone is looking for a considerable number of painting items, they can consider MEEDEN 155 Pcs Deluxe Artist Painting Set.

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