Art Paintings

Theory and discussion of art paintings. Artist, art critics, art scholars, their life, thought, view , comments, works are detailed here.

Art Painting Business

Art Painting Business: Art Market (Easy-to-Follow Guide)

The Art Painting Business” refers to the various aspects of the commercial and financial side of the art painting industry. This can encompass multiple topics, including the art market, galleries, auctions, and many more. The Art Market: Art Painting Business  The art market is the global network of buyers, sellers, and intermediaries who trade in …

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Abstract Painting Techniques

Abstract Painting Techniques – (Easy-to-Follow Guide)

We have previously covered a wide range of Abstract Painting Techniques, the majority of which may be applied to a variety of different surfaces. There are other additional painting techniques, though, and an artist’s imagination is their only constraint. Here are a few popular and lesser-known painting techniques. Abstract Painting Techniques Artwork: Abstract art employs …

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different paint types for art

Different paint types for art – Step-by-step guide

Paint is the general form of arts and crafts. different paint types for art It’s a blending topology of the intermediate craftsmanship. Generally, in all the forms paints can be classified into the followings; Pigments, Binder, Gouache paint, Oil Painting, Painting in Acrylic, watercolor artwork, Graffiti, Spray Painting, Digital Painting, Pastel, Fresco and so on. …

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